Condensed Expression of Our Conviction. Underlying Theme of Our Work. Attribute of Successful Communication.



We believe in honest communication. That the actual brand personality must be explored and unambiguously distilled.



We believe in outstanding design and intelligent content. In the desirability of the real – if it is staged enchantingly enough.


strategic exCellenCE


The personality core of the brand is the point of gravity of our entire communicational work. Therefore, working it out in conjunction with the client and modelling it with regards to current and future target groups, technologies and trends, is one of our most fascinating tasks.

We work with innovative tools, such as archetypal brand positioning, which combine strategic excellence and intuitive comprehensibility. This makes the strategic process accessible to a larger circle of participants and at the same time increases the creative usability and assertiveness of the results.

» Archetypal Brand Positioning
» Positioning Workshops
» Comprehensive Communicative Themes
» Claim Development
» Organizational Development


outstanding presentation


Excellent design fascinates through its implicitness. The creation and composition of the design elements conveys a deeper understanding of the brand identity and creates the certainty that the brand could look this way – and only that way. We thus speak of design that moves beyond questions of taste and convinces with captivating honesty. Design that has been conceived across all media, implemented in a first-class manner and won international awards is design that always lives up to the attribute “frankly gorgeous”.

» Logo / Signet
» Corporate Design
» Design strategy
» Branding
» CD Manuals
» Markenarchitektur


holistic implementation



We accompany you in your daily business. Where strategy and design ultimately become a reality. In the form of fascinating print and digital products as well as photo, film or spacial productions. With a pronounced love for details, cross-media expertise and many years of experience in the holistic implementation of strong communicative ideas, we are your partner for every form of brand communication.

» Digital
» Print
» Film / Motion Design
» UX / Interface Design
» Fairs / Exhibitions
» Campaigns


internal brand strength


We give brands inner strength by analysing and optimising business processes from an identity perspective, creating structures and processes that bring day-to-day processes in line with the values and promises of the brand. This increases the internal credibility and relevance of the brand, improves the identification with it and inspires employees to actively contribute to its further development.

» Comprehensive Process Analysis
» Value / Brand Based Process Optimization
» Process Optimization Workshops


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Let’s get to know each other!

Projects and awards give you a feeling for the quality and breadth of our services. But in the end it’s a people business! The question of how well you work together is not a bonus. Rather, it is a basic premise for long-term great work.

We remain uncomplicated even with complex projects. Honest about our own mistakes. Humorous under stress. But it’s probably best if you get your own first impression. Contact us!



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